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REXwireless Software offers browser-based web access to all its BlackBerry-resident software products.  Changes made on REXdesktop are wirelessly synchronized to the BlackBerry device and vice-versa. Synchronization is accomplished at the field level, producing a system that is quick and efficient, using minimal data transfer bandwidth.

REXdesktop allows a person to work with a full screen and keyboard on any internet connected Windows PC, Apple Mac, or Linux system.  There is no local software on the PC; therefore, any connected PC can be used with the proper username and password, not just a person's personal desktop machine at the office.

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Try it!
REXwireless offers free trials of all our BlackBerry software packages.  When a person tries our software package, the trial also includes the ability to log on and try web access.  After your BlackBerry trial is initialized, you will receive an e-mail with REXdesktop instructions.

Top Ten Features
1. Full-Screen and Keyboard Access to your REXwireless 'Matrix Application Data   REXdesktop ( offers registered users web browser based access to their REXwireless BlackBerry application datasets.

Additions, modifications, deletions, and reorganizations are synchronized wirelessly with the person's BlackBerry.

A person's drawer and folder structure is offered on the left-hand side and features the familiar expand and collapse functionality found on the BlackBerry version of the applications.  The right 2/3's of the screen is used to view data inside the folder or drawer.

Below is the compressed two-line "summary layout" from a sample todoMatrix.



2. Several Views are Provided   Data can be viewed in a Summary or Index Card layout, which offers additional detail.  Certain data elements, such as priority and status are color coded.  A small relative placeholder number is also displayed, helping a person keep their bearings while scrolling through longer folders.

Below is the index card layout from todoMatrix.



3. Float-Over with Mouse for Details  

Certain data elements, such as the detailed alert date or the delegate name and date in the summary two-line view, remain hidden.  Floating your mouse over the icon reveals the detail data, eliminating the need to zoom into a particular item to simply view the data element's data.



4. Edit Screens Match BlackBerry Functionality   REXdesktop strives to match as much of the core functionality of applications such as todoMatrix, ideaMatrix, and referenceMatrix on the full-screen.

Below is a screen-shot of the detailed "edit" task screen.



5. Pop-Overs for Increased Productivity   REXdesktop offers quick select pop-overs while you are editing or adding new data records.

Below are two examples.  An additional calendar pop-over is also used but not shown here.



6. Sorting Matches BlackBerry Capabilities   The same sorting capabilities have been provided on REXdesktop that are available on the BlackBerry-resident applications.

Even drag drop of notes, folders within a drawer, and drawers within the cabinet are provided by using a select-first, then click on target space methodology.  As expected, changes on REXdesktop synchronize wirelessly to the BlackBerry application.



7. Access to All REXwireless Applications from One Logon   Tabs allow a user to tab back and forth between their different REXwireless application databases, such as todoMatrix and ideaMatrix.

Below, the user has tabbed over to an ideaMatrix view.  The location in their todoMatrix is preserved, allowing ease of working back-and-forth between applications.



8. Flawless Wireless Synchronization   Three items work in concert to synchronize your BlackBerry with REXdesktop. 

The primary sync is that changes on the BlackBerry are sent to the REXdesktop without much delay: the software simply waits for a BlackBerry idle state. The next level of sync is the 90 minute "heartbeat" sync: While your BlackBerry is in a good communications online state, the unit will check in with the servers to see if there is anything to be synchronized from the server end. Lastly, the desktop triggers a sync request when a user logs off of REXdesktop or presses the "Request Sync" button on the REXdesktop screen.

Every sync is bi-directional, and with three layers of sync triggers, the server and BlackBerry stay in lockstep throughout the day.



9. Printing Matrix Data with the Adobe Reader-Based Print Feature   REXdesktop enables simplified printing of items in a particular folder by leveraging the free-to-download Adobe Reader application (  Both summary and detailed formats are offered.

Below is a screen capture of an Abobe PDF formatted report.  An added benefit is that reports can be saved to disk or e-mail to others, in addition to being printed.



10. Support for Multiple Simultaneous REXdesktop Sessions   REXdesktop allows a person, at their option, to give access to their assistant. The system supports multiple logons at the same time, and data changes are synchronized between both REXdesktop sessions and the BlackBerry.

In the example below, imagine that the BlackBerry owner is on a trip to San Francisco, working on REXdesktop at the hotel before a meeting.  Simultaneously, their assistant can be adding new items back at the home office in London.  By the time she arrives for her meeting at the Moscone Convention Center, her BlackBerry will reflect all the changes on her BlackBerry, and on her assistant's REXdesktop session.

REXdesktop Pricing   Always*Safe Wireless Backup and Recovery of Data   REXdesktop - Initial Software License Includes Service Time   REXdesktop - After Included License Time Period Expires

This pricing section is only applicable for REXwireless personal productivity products such as todoMatrix and ideaMatrix.

This section does not apply to REXwireless team and corporate marketing products, which require REXdesktop and REXserver multiple device synchronization coordination to function.

Contact your REXwireless representative for team and corporate product service quotations.

REXwireless provides a wireless backup and recovery feature called Always*Safe Wireless Backup. 

The Always*Safe feature is complimentary with the purchase of REXwireless personal productivity software product and does not require subscription to the REXdesktop service to be used.

REXwireless applications and Always*Safe are designed to function well without the added benefits and features of REXdesktop.  It really is an optional value-added service.

When you purchase a license of a REXwireless personal productivity application, a period of REXdesktop time is included with the initial license.

For applications licensed before July 1, 2007, one year of REXdesktop service from the date of purchase (or December 31, 2007 (whichever is later)) is included free of charge.

For applications licensed
after June 30, 2007,
six months of REXdesktop service starting on the date of purchase is included free of charge.

Subsequent years of REXdesktop service are currently priced at
$24 (U.S.) per year, prepaid annually
($0.46 (U.S.) per week!).

RExdesktop subscribers receive upgrades to ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix free of charge. REXdesktop offers access to all REXwireless personal productivity applications a person has licensed for just one fee.

A customer's rate will be "grandfathered" and will not increase as long as the service is renewed without a lapse.

If a REXdesktop account does lapse for more than 14 days, current rates at the time of restart would apply.



REXwireless, Inc. is an official RIM BlackBerry Alliance Member.
Copyright 2004 - 2009, REXwireless, Inc.

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