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ToDoMatrix Professional is the premier task management system for BlackBerry smartphones since 2006. Professionals juggling hundreds of projects and dozens of people find ToDoMatrix Professional more than capable of keeping things straight and attentions focused. ToDoMatrix Essential is a simplified version of ToDoMatrix, designed for people that are managing a more limited slate of projects and not managing a group of people.

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Best Practices in Task Management is far more than keeping detailed lists. Simple lists result in a constant state of frustration, a feeling of being overwhelmed, and a loss of productivity due to stress. Lists without filters lead to an incessant review of tasks, many of which are not well planned, not distilled into actionable clarity, or not actionable here and now. For many people, these lists are kept on paper planners, PC's, or on web servers, none of which is really handy when you are away from your desk.

ToDoMatrix combines the best practices of David Allen's Getting Things Done (GTD), Stephen Covey's First Things First, Goal Setting, and tracking Delegated Tasks with the mobile, always connected BlackBerry smartphone.

ToDoMatrix helps you master:
  • 1. planning tasks well, in one central database that is always with you,
  • 2. focusing on tasks that really matter, in the present day and your present location,
  • 3. reducing your stress by taking most tasks out of your mind and into a trusted system that keeps the data safe.


Please read our thirty-minute Best Practices White Paper. Given a chance, it can change the trajectory of your life.

A letter from our President...

August 4, 2012

Many people have not realized the potential of a really good task management system. Sure, its not quite as fun as Facebook, Twitter, SimCity, or Madden Football. But in contrast, mastering task management will make you more successful and easily pay for itself many times over. Without doubt, which task management system you adopt is one of the single most important decisions you will make about your personal technology environment and your ability to succeed in coming years.

Here's why getting this task management decision right really matters.

The speed of business - no, the speed of all modern life has accelerated exponentially since I was in school just 25 years ago.

Real-time communications and communications infrastructure is driving this change. In the mid-80's, nothing was real-time:

  • - Less than 1/2 of 1% of US residents had a cellular phone. Today, 91% of US residents have one.
  • - No one carried pagers except for doctors (and me of course - I was a bit obsessive about responsiveness even then).
  • - No voice mail yet; our messages were still taken by and dutifully read to us by a crew of 8am - 5pm secretaries.
  • - Fax and FedEx both existed but were seldom used.
  • - No one had e-mail in mainstream corporate America except for a few technology elite companies like IBM.
  • - Far less than half of the people in the office had PC's or terminals on their desks (and I was at a Fortune 100 tech firm).
  • - There was no internet as we know it today, although the cryptic backbone existed for government and universities.
  • - 9600 baud modems were considered wicked fast.
  • - Texting? Fahgeddaboutit!

Business and life moved much, much more slowly in these "good ole days" just 20 years ago.

Fast forward to today and everything is running at breakneck speed. People expect it all, now. Money and success in our society is more fluid than ever - anyone can become a great success just as long as they have a brilliant idea and the ability to execute in the middle of a tornado of messages, emails, distractions. The old saying about New York was "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere." Well, the newest, toughest place to make it is "everywhere" because the world we live in is virtual, electronically connected, global, and completely unforgiving.

With this real-time revolution, the demands on task management have changed 1,000%. State of the art paper-based systems of less than 10 years ago have been left in the dust - they just cannot effectively manage and filter the explosion in daily volume.

If you expect to be wildly successful, investing in a great task management system is crucial. Adopting it, fine-tuning your personal processes, making it an extension of your arm until great task management becomes second nature - these are the commitments winners make. It is far more than the "lists" of just 5 or 10 years ago. Your software must keep it perfectly straight, help filter out the strategically critical from the urgent yet not really important, and never ever lose your data.

Excellent task management habits will help talented inidividuals become wildly successful, because they will be able to steer a straight course through life, finding hours of calm zen-like productivity in the middle of today's unrelenting pace, barrage of distractions, and maelstrom of messages.

Task management excellence really matters a lot more than the 100,000+ entertainment widgets people have some to expect in the smartphone application space. Read our white paper first. Download our free trial. Choose well, commit, and success will accelerate.

Warm Regards,

Tim W.
REXwireless Software

A big part of truly successful and liberating task managment is getting it off a PC centric model. Bill Gates and Co. have convinced most people on the idea that all applications are best on a PC. We strongly disagree.

In our experience, task management is much better on smartphones than it is on a PC or Mac. Full-sized computers are not always present when you want to jot down that quick thought. Too often, inspiration happens when you are at dinner with the family or right before falling asleep, not when you are sitting at your desk. Even professionals that work in the same office every day average half their waking hours in the car, at their kid's soccer practice, in their family room, or at the driving range.

REXwireless offers PC / Mac access and sync with PC / Mac programs to ToDoMatrix for the times you are at your desk, but keeps task management smartphone-centric.

Three months from today, it will be difficult to imagine life before finding ToDoMatrix.

Manage Projects and People Anywhere

ToDoMatrix gives the user incredible task management power on a BlackBerry smartphone. Have your entire system with you, no matter where travels find you today.

Focus on Tasks that Matter Here and Now

ToDoMatrix is designed to help you avoid the stress of looking through lists of tasks that are not really ready for action today. Through the use of smart views and filters, the professional can be calm and focused, getting more of the best things done.

Experience many more hours of zen-like calm and superior productivity every week.

Delegate and Track Delegated Tasks

Used well, ToDoMatrix Professional gives the user "perfect memory" when it comes to other people's commitments at meetings or in conversations. A handy email-to-delegate feature makes short work of sending tasks to associates.

Never Lose Your Valuable Task System

REXwireless AES-encrypted Sync2 automatically coordinates the data over wireless cellular services. Date is safe, secure, and easily recoverable if your smartphone is lost or damaged. A second level of backup is created if you choose to sync with programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

Create Tasks from BlackBerry E-Mail, Calendar, Phone-Log

Inject information from e-mails that reside on your BlackBerry smartphone - no need to retype information. Injection works from other applications as well, such as calendar and phonelog. It is easy to create tasks without retyping.

Web Browser Access

REXwireless offers access to your data from our web portal. Review and edit your ToDoMatrix using a PC, Mac, or iPad browser. Changes sync wirelessly with your BlackBerry.

Optimized for GTD and Franklin Covey Methods

ToDoMatrix is pre-configured for both Getting Things Done and Franklin Covey methods. Advanced user programmable dimensions offer the user flexibility to design their own system if desired.

Sync with Outlook, Notes, and More

Sync ToDoMatrix data with the standard BlackBerry task application, which in turn can sync with programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Groupwise, and PocketMac.

Unlimited Organization Structure with Insightful Views

ToDoMatrix Professional offers a drawer, folder, and subfolder structure that can be ten levels deep. ToDoMatrix Essential offers drawer and folder levels only. Either product can accomodate thousands of tasks and hundreds of folders to keep it all well-organized.

Just as importantly, tasks can be reviewed for various perspectives such as date views, priority, status, context, goals, role, and more. These views give the user better insight into his or her task system.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Better

Once a person has "everything" in ToDoMatrix, they experience a zen-like calm. The subconscious worries about things to remember simply go away when you know everything is in your trusted system and that the system will remind you in the morning, afternoon, or three months from now, when you need to address things.

Being able to jot down that one item by grabbing your smartphone off the nightstand goes a long way in getting a good night's rest. We believe ToDoMatrix offers better sleep than a new Tempurpedic mattress.

"Well worth the money"

"ToDoMatrix is much better than what comes with the BlackBerry.

What really impressed me was recovery to a new BlackBerry when mine was stolen. I was recovered, all tasks intact, and working again within minutes of walking out of the AT&T wireless store.

It is well worth the money.  I've saved lots of hours in just one month of using it."

Bob Zubov
Florida, United States


"This is a very good app"

"I have recommended to our executives that my company adopt ToDoMatrix for anyone with a BlackBerry.

This is a good app. No, this is a very good app."

Gene Vierkandt

"Just what the doctor ordered"

"ToDoMatrix is just what the doctor ordered. I am recommending it to all my friends. I tried several other packages first and wish I hadn't

My BlackBerry is no longer just an e-mail machine - I now have my whole existence plotted on it."

Jan Reinhart
Toronto, Canada


"My world truly wireless"

"Thanks for the quick support!

After our conversation, I truly look forward to your upcoming workgroup version of ToDoMatrix. It will only make your great software even better. Thanks for helping make my world truly wireless"

Kate Winsett
Tennessee, United States

"Results in results"

"My favorite feature of ToDoMatrix is the ability to view tasks I've handed off to my direct reports (and dotted-line reports too!) (and my kids!).

When I get one of them on the phone, I can quickly scan their list and ask questions - which really results in results."

Chuck Austin
New York, United States


"The white paper is fantastic"

"The white paper is fantastic. It opened my eyes to how to get organized and stay organized. I've struggled with this for years.

ToDoMatrix is my main reason for sticking with BlackBerry."

Bruno Dietrich
Berlin, Germany

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