REXwireless designs software for the gung-ho top ten-percenters
who want to do far more with their RIM BlackBerry devices

Welcome to REXwireless Software!

REXwireless Software is an application development firm for the RIM BlackBerry environment and devices.

REXwireless offers three classes of BlackBerry software products:

+ Personal productivity software for
      Individuals with BlackBerry
      smart phones.

+ Knowledge sharing software for
      Teams and Workgroups with
      BlackBerry devices.

+ Consumer marketing applications for
      companies desiring a value-added
      presence on their customers'
      BlackBerry devices.

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For high-speed-connected PC and Mac visitors, our website offers video
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REXwireless offers free trials of all our software packages.  Simply point your BlackBerry wireless browser to:

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  The current versions of REXwireless applications are:
BlackBerry 8800 & 8100
(4.2 OS)
BlackBerry 8700 & earlier
(4.0 - 4.1 OS)

Please upgrade if you are back-level.  We only support BlackBerry devices with a minimum of 4.0 OS.

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