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REXwireless applications make a lasting impact on your life and accelerate your success. Each app delivers outstanding return-on-investment (ROI).
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ToDoMatrix offers task management excellence on smartphones. Get more of the best things done and use your time wisely each day. The payback of ToDoMatrix is substantial.
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TeamworkMatrix offers task management for teams on smartphones. Stay on the same page effortlessly. Focus the team's efforts. Great teamwork offers great ROI.
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IdeaMatrix offers top-notch notes management. Always have your important notes with you. Find notes in seconds with free-form search. Keep data safe with AES wireless backup.
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REXconnect improves the interconnectivity of standard BlackBerry applications. It saves the user time each day. Simply click to send information from one app to another.
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AlertMatrix messaging manager stops interruptions while repeating alerts for key messages. At its simplest, it can be used as a high priority pager. Used fully, it creates a smart, priority inbox.
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REXdesktop offers online web browser access to your ToDoMatrix and IdeaMatrix data, helpful when you are working at a PC or Mac.
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REXwireless will help you become a "Productivity Jedi" daily!

We already know quite a bit about you. We know that you are bright, ambitious, and optimistic. We know that you believe that you have the power to change for the better, the power to start new habits that will impact your short and longterm success. While you value working hard, working smart has even greater appeal. You have achieved considerable success but realize that time waits on no one. You believe in planning for success.

We all have experienced times where our focus was near perfect, when getting an important, strategic task done came together with great clarity. In the middle of the storm, we were calm, focused, and productive. These moments are precious but all too rare, because our society today pushes distractions and urgencies on each of us incessantly.

The single, overriding goal of REXwireless is to help our customers achieve this zen-like calm, to become truly focused and highly productive, anywhere life takes you today. We call it CFP@A.
Return on Investment (ROI) Really Matters and Helps One Determine Good Value vs. Price

Thinking in terms of ROI really helps a person make excellent decisions and understand what applications are a great value versus applications that are not.

Quality matters, especially in applications that will be used daily and will make a large impact regarding your personal success.

REXwireless develops applications that deliver an outstanding ROI for our customers. By thinking in terms of ROI, we are able to make wiser decisions regarding future enhancements to our products. Customers that purchase REXwireless applications are assured that they are buying a system that will growth with their needs and will be used for years into the future, returning a financial and strategic benefit for the investment, many times over its cost.

Please explore the ROI calculator we offer for each product as it will help you better understand the benefits our applications deliver.

Bill Gates has convinced almost everyone that substantial applications belong on a PC. We strongly disagree with the second richest man in the world.

In our experience, certain applications are actually much better and more natural on smartphones than on PCs or Macs. Full-sized computers are not always present when you want to jot down that quick thought. Too often, inspiration happens when you are at dinner with the family or right before falling asleep, not when you are sitting at your desk. Even professionals that work in the same office every day average half their waking hours in the car, at their kid's soccer practice, in their family room, or at the driving range.

Furthermore, with enough care and attention to detail, substantial applications are very feasible on the smaller form factor of smartphones. Our customers often comment on how engineering for a smaller screen actually helps distill every function to its core essence.

Task management, teamwork management, notes management, and communication filtering and alerts are excellent examples of applications that are better suited for the always-within-arm's-reach smartphone rather than the not-always-handy notebook computer. REXwireless offers PC / Mac access and sync with PC / Mac programs for the times you are at your desk, but keeps these apps smartphone-centric.

"Outstanding Service"

"All fixed! Thanks! Outstanding service as always.

I can't live without my ToDoMatrix - I'm a mess without it. My department thanks you too :-)"

Silvia Ching, PhD
Houston, TX, United States


"What a Concept"

"Until I tested AlertMatrix, I didn't even think in terms of PROACTIVELY managing emails. I looked at email as an unstoppable PITA that I just had to deal with. AlertMatrix changed everything turning it around and putting me back in control instead of reacting all day long. What a concept! Job well done!"

Gary Duffy
Washington DC, United States


"Got More Done"

"I read the white paper, got David Allen's CD's, started to apply the principles through your software, & in two days got more done than I have in any other week of my entire life.

Thanks again."

Fernando Corso
Pheonix, AZ, United States

"Impressed by the Service"

"Many thanks for your swift reply and assistance. I am, yet again, extremely impressed by the service provided by REXwireless. All of my data has
successfully transferred across to my new device. It's a good job too as I rely very much upon both IdeaMatrix and ToDoMatrix - both are indispensable applications."

Phil Bryson
Sydney, Australia


"Hurry on that Android"

"Thanks for the reply. Hurry on that Android version. I'll be using a paper system until you make an app for Android... (I don't want to give your competitors a dime)."

Ted Ganley
Vancouver, Canada


"Makes the Storm Much Better"

"REXconnect makes the Storm much better. Cutting and pasting address book data into an email takes so long that I would never do it. With REXconnect, 5 seconds. I'm recommending it to every Storm owner I see."

Frank Riso
New York, NY, United States


"The Best Tool"

"ToDoMatrix is the BEST tool and has contributed greatly to my success. I am staying organized without falling weeks behind, a problem I had with the 20+ organization tools I have purchased over the last ten years.

Thank you!"

Arn Chilcott
St. Louis, MO, United States


"The white paper is fantastic"

"The white paper is fantastic. It opened my eyes to how to get organized and stay organized. I've struggled with this for years.

ToDoMatrix is my main reason for sticking with BlackBerry."

Bruno Dietrich
Berlin, Germany


"Always Finding New Features"

"Just wanted to tell you guys I appreciate the tremendous thought that has gone into todomatrix and ideamatrix. Using both for years, and I am always finding new features and techniques."

Cary Evra
Chelsea, UK