REXwireless creates unique software that delivers outstanding Return on Investment. Too many smartphone apps are widgets that waste a person's time and money.


The smartphone market is growing fast. Really fast.

REXwireless started developing personal productivity software for the BlackBerry smartphone platform in late 2003 / early 2004. In that short time, the marketplace has changed dramatically with the BlackBerry active subscriber base growing from 534,000 devices in 2003 to 41,000,000 in 2010.

Time flies fast, and we are now working on versions of our award-winning software for the Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as smartphones powered by Google's Android operating system. By 2011, REXwireless products will be available to a combined market of more than 100,000,000 people with BlackBerry, Apple, or Android powered smartphones.

REXwireless, Inc. - Dallas, Texas, United States

We have all heard stories about startups in garages since Hewlett met Packard.

REXwireless didn't exactly start in a garage but we are perhaps the 2000's equivalent -- our core team of wireless Java fanatics lived in five different cities, conducted brainstorming sessions with digital whiteboards and voice over IP, and averaged six BlackBerry smartphones each.

Today, we are still small -- less than a dozen including our contractors -- but we feel that we are the America's Cup team of wireless Java coding. Every day, we marvel at how well this team works together.

We are self-funded, without the worries of venture capitalist trying to find a profitable "exit" strategy. The downside is that we don't have huge budgets for advertising. The upside is that we must make rational business decisions and are committed to our vision for the long-term.

Our Mission to to Make your Smartphone Far more Valuable

We believe the most important aspect of personal productivity software and team task management software is that it must be wireless and easy-to-use, yet fully-capable of tough assignments.

Inspiration happens in far more places than only when you are parked in front of your laptop.  Ideas pop up during conversations with friends while you are at a restaurant, tasks come to mind when you are watching your kids play in the front yard, notes must be jotted down when you are at the gym, or when you are in a meeting, or when reading in bed right before falling asleep.

For the thousands of real-life moments away from your desk, it does not make great sense to have your primary organization tool be a traditional personal computer.  The always-booted, always-connected BlackBerry is perfect for this mission, always within reach, no matter your locale.

REXwireless Software creates elegant project and knowledge management software which makes it simple to centralize personal productivity and team knowledge on your hip or in your purse, while offering a PC & Mac interface for the times when a full screen and keyboard is more convenient. It is a great stress-relief to jot an item into a trusted system, relieving your memory of the responsibility, and then watching your little Josh score his first soccer goal.

Ultimately, our goal with all our software is to help our customers achieve a calm, focused, and productive state, helping them get more of the best things done.

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